Integrative Cancer Program

Through 20 years of experience dealing with cancer patients and other serious health conditions, I’ve noticed some recurrent patterns during the course of treatments and I have paid attention to my clients needs for a better physical and emotional support on their path to recovery.

I offer a customized 2-month program which address the person as a whole, covering the physical and emotional aspects of healing from a naturopathic and Biodecoding approach in order to optimize the body’s self-healing ability.

Regularity and consistency seem to be the key to optimal success when dealing with any serious health conditions. That’s why I suggest an intensive 2-month program to give you the best chance to recover as fast as possible.





1- Holistic Lifestyle Plan

A balanced diet and lifestyle is essential to optimize and speed up the recovery. Healing takes a lot of energy and requires quality materials to rebuild the body and make it function optimally. It is essential to make some judicious adjustments for you to not waste this precious energy and to actually gain some.

Using the naturopathic approach, we will take the time in the beginning of the program to evaluate your current diet and lifestyle and see what can be improved to optimally support your body’s functions. Diet changes, food supplements, physical activities, complementary holistic treatments and books will be suggested according to your symptoms, life situation and personality.

The program includes

  • One 90-minute session in the beginning of the program
  • Two 15-minute sessions for adjustments and questions


2- Biodecoding sessions

Once the physiological needs are optimized, we can then address the emotional cause of cancer. Once a week for two (2) months, you will be getting a 70-minute session to decode the emotional and ancestral origins of your symptoms and deprogram them at the cellular level.

As the person dealing with cancer is emotionally vulnerable, an emotional support is needed to face the pressure and distress coming from doctors, family, treatments and physical discomfort. That’s why the program integrates a series of 15-minute quick sessions that the person can use any time during this two-month program. Those quick-sessions can address questions in relation to the work done during previous sessions, sudden stress/distress occurring between the main sessions, guidance in regards to best therapeutic strategies, and any concerns that don’t need a full Biodecoding session.

The program includes:

  • One 90-minute initial session
  • Seven (7) 70-minute follow-up sessions
  • Seven (7) 15-minute quick-sessions


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