Marie Anne Boularand

Marie Anne Boularand

Naturopath and Psycho-bio Therapist


It is through challenging health issues as a child that I developed a driven interest in alternative medicine as a teenager. Equipped with a scientific background, I quickly engaged in naturopathic studies in 1993 and became a Certified Naturopath from the French Federation of Naturopathy.

This was the beginning of an unexpected journey into the world of natural healing and self-development. After numerous trainings in various Body-Mind healing modalities, I found my second calling in Biodecoding® which I have been practicing and teaching since 2001, mostly in the United States where I founded the Biodecoding® Institute.

Searching for the root cause”, “using common sense” and “wondering about the ultimate purpose of human lifehave been my main drive and have led me to explore a wide range of fascinating concepts which have broadened my approach to natural healing, human consciousness and self-transformation.

The method that I propose today mainly focuses on resolving the emotional cause of “dis-ease” and integrates many concepts to offer an integrative and effective approach to resolving all kinds of physical and emotional issues. Beyond healing, I help clients at transcending their fears and self-limitations in order to get them closer to their full physical, emotional, mental and spiritual potential.

My approach is done in consciousness and in respect of the person’s own rhythm and unique evolutionary path which s/he is the sole creator. Whether you want to address a physical or an emotional condition, the process allows you to actualize your Self and create a new destiny according to it.

My main credentials

  • Founder of the Biodecoding® Institute
  • Authorized Biodecoding® Teacher
  • Certified Psycho-bio Therapist (TM) (France)
  • Member of the International Federation of Psycho-bio Therapy
  • Certified NLP practitioner (USA)
  • Certified Naturopath (France)

My services

My expertise in Biodecoding®, Psycho-bio therapy(TM) and Naturopathy allows me to address a wide range of physical conditions and emotional issues from different angles, depending on your needs and beliefs.

  • BIODECODING®: Biodecoding® has been the main method in my practice for the past 18 years. It is a technique to decode and resolve the emotional and ancestral root cause of most physical symptoms to reach permanent cellular deprogramming. Read more…
  • PSYCHO-BIO THERAPY(TM): These sessions are aimed at resolving the cause of emotional imbalances, behavioral patterns, self-limitations and life blockages in order to access repressed potentials and actualize your life to new realities (low self-esteem, self-sabotage, fears, phobias, anxiety, depression, relationships, career, etc). Read more…
  • HOLISTIC HEALTH COACHING: Through this service, I help you set up a personalized healthy diet and lifestyle program from a traditional naturopathic approach. It will help you get back on track to support optimal health and healing at the physical and emotional level. Natural remedies and food supplements may be suggested for best results. Read more…

Clients’ testimonials

“Working with Marie on Physical Issues caused incredible emotional healings.
I have had 4 sessions with Marie, via Skype. I didn’t know what to expect with Biodecoding and was a bit skeptical about it all but my illnesses were getting so painful, I had to try something.
I am absolutely amazed at what came out of each session. Layer upon layer of unexpected traumas and emotional wounds came to the surface, not in a bad way, but in a way to heal and release. Marie is incredibly experienced, sensitive and gentle and she has taken me through many journeys which have been so freeing for me. I felt I could trust Marie and now I truly feel like a different person.
The journey continues… I nearly cancelled the last session because I felt ok and was rewarded with yet another opportunity to bring deep love into myself and for myself. 
Thank you Marie. You have helped me come home to myself. What a priceless gift.”
– Anna Maria, UK