Quick-question session

Use this service when…

  • You have a question regarding a health issue and you want Marie Anne’s point of view and guidance
  • You have done a private session with Marie Anne Boularand and you would like clarification on some of the points that were addressed
  • You attended a live event or are a student in one of Marie Anne’s courses and you would like to deepen some of the knowledge covered
  • You need a quick assistance to release a sudden distress or need some tips to overcome a blockage that you are currently experiencing

Length: 15 minutes.     Fee: $22


How to book a session?

  1. Request for a session through the form that you will find at the bottom of this page.
  2. Once I receive your request, I will contact you to set up a date and time.
  3. Once the appointment is confirmed, I will send you a link to the payment page or you can use the payment button below. Remember to prepay your session to secure it otherwise it will be automatically cancelled.

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