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Breast Cancer: a Logical Survival Program

By Marie A. Boularand.

Have you ever asked yourself why one would develop breast cancer and not a liver or colon cancer? Why on the left breast and not on the right breast?  And what about metastasis? What are their real cause beyond the medical statement that some cancerous cells travel in the blood vessels and contaminate other organs? Many questions that I was asking myself many years ago before I came across Biodecoding®.

If the cause of cancer still remains officially unknown in conventional medicine, which also claims that cancer is an abnormal and uncontrolled reaction that escapes all biological laws, some scientists and researchers though proved the opposite. According to them, cancer seems to be a perfectly normal, controlled, logical and intelligent program of nature that finds its core meaning within the programs of adaptation that insure the survival of all animal species on the planet.

The first researcher, who scientifically proved this theory, was Doctor Geerd R. Hamer in his post-doctoral thesis that he presented at the medical university of Tubingen, Germany in 1981. Since then, many scientists and doctors from around the world have confirmed those hypotheses which got systematically ridiculed and brushed away by most official medical institutions.


A Cat Story

And though, those theories are very simple to understand for anyone observing and using common sense. Let’s explore them through the true story of an old female cat who could no longer reproduce and whose daughter had 10 kittens. But female cats have only 8 teats. Feeling the distress of her daughter struggling in feeding her kittens, the old mother started to develop more breasts and produce milk. Surprised by this phenomenon, the owner decided to bring the old female cat to the vet who diagnosed breast tumors. It’s easy to understand that those tumors were the perfect biological solution to insure the survival of the kittens. By increasing the number of breast glands and producing milk, the grandma cat was able to save the babies from starvation and death.

From this story, we learn that the body changes its way of functioning because of an unexpected out-of-the-ordinary stress. The body will bring the adequate biological solution that corresponds precisely to the emotional stress. In the animal kingdom, things are simpler; they live in the present without the complexity of a developed mental. The kittens were facing starvation, so the old she-cat unconsciously activated her milk-producing glands.


Lobular Breast Cancer

Well, it’s not much different in humans. Why would a woman develop a lobular breast cancer? Let’s first discuss about the biological function of the breast: it’s to feed the members of the nest (the babies being the priority), to nourish them and by extension to protect them from the cold, danger and predators. The mother’s first instinct to nourish her baby and protect it is to bring it against her chest. We can observe that when a mother just gave birth.

So facing an unexpected unmanageable stressful situation where her child is in danger and needs nourishment and protection, a woman may start a lobular breast cancer. Like this woman who received a phone call from the school telling her that her son had to be sent to the hospital. She is hours away from home visiting out of town clients which puts her in great distress because she can’t be at her son’s side and take care of him. Her body will create the perfect biological solution that corresponds to the emotional stress she is experiencing at this moment. In short, the body says through the symptom, “I’m going to increase your capacity of nourishing and protecting your child”.


The Logic of Biology

Of course for the mind, developing a breast tumor doesn’t make sense because it’s not going to change anything in reality for the mother and the son. But it’s logical for biology, for this body in terms of survival. Diseases are archaic survival programs. To understand the cause and the intelligence of diseases, we need to understand the biological logic (the one from the body) that differs greatly from the mental logic (from the mind). Only in light of this comprehension, diseases including cancers make sense and appear intelligent and meaningful.


Cancers are Programmed to Disappear Spontaneously

Like any diseases, cancer is also programed to disappear on its own. About 20 years ago, I read an article in National Geographic where a veterinarian working with wild animals in their natural environment said that when they would find an animal with cancerous tumors, they would not intervene because they knew the cancer would disappear spontaneously after a while. From those observations we can conclude that if cancer can spontaneously disappear in wild animals it can also do the same in humans as biological laws are exactly identical for all species on Earth.

One of those biological laws is that cells that are no longer useful are destroyed because it takes too much energy to maintain them. So once the stress is over, those extra cells that formed the tumor are automatically eliminated by the body. It works better in wild animals because they live in the present moment and don’t have our complex emotional and mental intricacies. On the other hand, humans can maintain a stress for years in their mind. That’s one of the reasons why some diseases can last for years and become chronic.

We also know through scientific and empirical observations that most diseases appear after an emotional trauma: a death of a dear one, a lay-off, a divorce, a humiliation, etc. It would be logical that once the emotional trauma is resolved, the symptom would disappear on its own. This is on this hypothesis that Biodecoding® is based. The Biodecoding® practitioner has learnt the language of biology (the body) and is able to decode the symptom in order to find the emotional shock that set it up. The organ that is affected and the type of symptoms put us on the track that leads the person to the moment of the emotional shock. Using some therapeutic techniques, the person is then able during the session to make peace with the past. This process frees the cells from the past emotional impact and allows them to resume normal functioning again.