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Interview with Dr Leyla Ali, PharmD

Warm greetings,I had the great privilege to be interviewed last week by Dr Leyla Ali, PharmD, and talk to her community of pharmacists who are seeking alternatives to drugs. It was a great opportunity to establish bridges between western medicine and alternative medicine.--- Watch the interview HEREDr Ali is a doctor on a mission: she… Continue reading Interview with Dr Leyla Ali, PharmD

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Anxiety : Have You Thought About Ancestral Memory?

When lock-downs got mandated in NY, Simon developed a severe form of anxiety and panic attacks. Even though Simon is a pretty tough guy who is not easily fazed, after just a few days confined in his tiny NY apartment, he lost it. His girlfriend who was familiar with Biodecoding, suggested he do a session to figure out what was going on.

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Breast Cancer: a Logical Survival Program

By Marie A. Boularand. Have you ever asked yourself why one would develop breast cancer and not a liver or colon cancer? Why on the left breast and not on the right breast?  And what about metastasis? What are their real cause beyond the medical statement that some cancerous cells travel in the blood vessels… Continue reading Breast Cancer: a Logical Survival Program


Active Symptoms vs. Recovery Symptoms

By Christian Flèche. Christian Flèche answers a question asked by one of the online students. From reading books about the psychosomatic origins of disease, this student understands that symptoms only appear during the recovery/repair phase. From this statement, she asks if it's still worth understanding the meaning of the symptom and work on resolving the… Continue reading Active Symptoms vs. Recovery Symptoms


The emotional cause of vitiligo

By Christian Flèche In addition to addressing the emotional cause of vitiligo from a Biodecoding standpoint, Christian Flèche explains what to do in order to not pass on our disease programs to the next generation.

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Biological Decoding of HPV and Cervical Cancer

By Christian Flèche In this video Christian Flèche answers the following questions: What is the emotional cause of HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) and cervical cancer? Are HPV and cervical cancer connected and should they be decoded the same way?  

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Causes of Autism: Vaccines, Toxicity and Emotional Traumas

By Marie Boularand. Recently a few people asked me how I would explain the emotional cause of autism when it appears after an immunization shot. I am not an expert in autism and this article is not aimed at covering all aspects of this disease, but I would like to share with you some views… Continue reading Causes of Autism: Vaccines, Toxicity and Emotional Traumas

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The Ultimate Purpose of Healing

By Christian Flèche "I ask myself this question regularly: what's the cause of the cause of the cause of illness"In this video, Christian Fleche explains the 3 stages to get at the root cause of illness and reveals the ultimate purpose of healing. A path to get into the heart of ourselves.

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13 Healing Properties of Clay

By Marie Boularand. Clay is the most ancient healing remedy and hygienic substance used by humans and animals since the creation of life on Earth. In ancient texts and parchments, it is said that humans were made out of clay. In science, they have shown that life started in a mixture made of clay and… Continue reading 13 Healing Properties of Clay