Time has come where more than ever we have to take our self-healing power and our health independence back. With over 20 years of teaching natural health under my belt, I am more than ever dedicated to transmit my knowledge.

From Biodecoding Certification Trainings in Biodecoding to Educational Courses and Masterclasses, I offer a wide range of options to deepen your own knowledge and boost your healing skills whether you are already a seasoned healer or just want to develop your healing skills for self-empowerment.

All my courses have one objective in mind: to achieve unlimited health and self, as I strongly believe that we are unlimited beings who simply ignore our full potential.

Online Courses

Marie Boularand developed the online Biodecoding® Courses in collaboration with Christian Flèche, the leading creator of the method. START LEARNING BIODECODING® TODAY ACCESS OUR FREE COURSES    

Biodecoding Certification Training

Are you interested in the full Biodecoding Training? Learn a method that has proven to work fast and efficiently for over 26 years. READ MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THE TRAINING


Biodecoding of Christian Fleche with Marie Boularand

Thematic workshops for educational and self-development purpose.