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Interview with Dr Leyla Ali, PharmD

Warm greetings,

I had the great privilege to be interviewed last week by Dr Leyla Ali, PharmD, and talk to her community of pharmacists who are seeking alternatives to drugs. It was a great opportunity to establish bridges between western medicine and alternative medicine.

Watch the interview HERE

Dr Ali is a doctor on a mission: she reveals the limitations of doctors and drugs, and inspires people to seek alternative and holistic healthcare solutions.

.– Dr Leyla Ali’s website to learn more about her and her mission

I had the chance to meet Dr Ali about 10 years ago when I was living in Los Angeles, she was curious about Biodecoding and attended a training course.
This was the time I discovered her amazing book called Off Balance, The American Way of Health, A Pharmacist’s Perspective on Why Drugs Don’t Work

Check for more information about here book

Anyone I gave the book to read was in the awe as it exposes in common language the pharmaceutical reality. Dr Ali gets to the heart of the truth behind the American Healthcare System. Through the eyes of a pharmacist, she reveals the essence of how far the medical system has gone astray, and what we can do to protect our own health.

I hope Dr Ali will become part of your life through her videos, trainings and books.

Together we can build another reality, the one that serves our health — and not their wealth 😉


Marie Boularand

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