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Interview with Dr Leyla Ali, PharmD

Warm greetings,I had the great privilege to be interviewed last week by Dr Leyla Ali, PharmD, and talk to her community of pharmacists who are seeking alternatives to drugs. It was a great opportunity to establish bridges between western medicine and alternative medicine.--- Watch the interview HEREDr Ali is a doctor on a mission: she… Continue reading Interview with Dr Leyla Ali, PharmD


Active Symptoms vs. Recovery Symptoms

By Christian Flèche. Christian Flèche answers a question asked by one of the online students. From reading books about the psychosomatic origins of disease, this student understands that symptoms only appear during the recovery/repair phase. From this statement, she asks if it's still worth understanding the meaning of the symptom and work on resolving the… Continue reading Active Symptoms vs. Recovery Symptoms


The emotional cause of vitiligo

By Christian Flèche In addition to addressing the emotional cause of vitiligo from a Biodecoding standpoint, Christian Flèche explains what to do in order to not pass on our disease programs to the next generation.

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Biological Decoding of HPV and Cervical Cancer

By Christian Flèche In this video Christian Flèche answers the following questions: What is the emotional cause of HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) and cervical cancer? Are HPV and cervical cancer connected and should they be decoded the same way?  

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The Ultimate Purpose of Healing

By Christian Flèche "I ask myself this question regularly: what's the cause of the cause of the cause of illness"In this video, Christian Fleche explains the 3 stages to get at the root cause of illness and reveals the ultimate purpose of healing. A path to get into the heart of ourselves.


Disease: an Adjustment to Reality

By Christian Flèche. Today I’d like to approach health from a Biodecoding® standpoint. First, I want to emphasize the fact that Biodecoding® relies on a new paradigm, a new way of thinking, a new belief, another way of approaching disease. As a matter of fact, each of us chooses our treatment according to our beliefs:… Continue reading Disease: an Adjustment to Reality

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Decoding Genetic Diseases

This is a 3-part video series where Christian Flèche explains how he approaches them from a Biodecoding standpoint. Part 1 - Genetic diseases How does Biodecoding approach genetic diseases? Are genes the cause of disease or the consequence? When does our life really start? Can our genetic code change and be re-organized? In light of… Continue reading Decoding Genetic Diseases