The new science that is epigenetics has demonstrated that memories of past traumas were transmitted from generation to generation.  It seems logical that in many cases the primary cause of our current health disorders may stem from previous generations.

The modern face of psycho-biogenealogy was mainly developed by Anne Ancelin-Schutzenberger, Doctor in psychology and researcher, who has conducted numerous research programs in Europe and North America. Her interest in psycho-biogenealogy started when one day, she was concerned  by a remark from her daughter who said : ” Do you realize, Mom, you are the eldest of 2 children among which the second is dead. Dad is also the eldest of two children among which the second died. You know when my uncle died, I was afraid that my brother would died […] ” Until the day the brother passed away… 

Completed by Bert Hellinger’s work on the transgenerational and family constellations, biogenealogy explains the family dynamics and the way of transmission of ancestral memories of traumas. It brings a brand new understanding on how biological, behavioral and psychological patterns are transmitted, and offers original techniques to deprogram them at the family level.

Working on those ancestral memories helps the person in freeing herself from family patterns and liberate the whole lineage, from her ancestors to her descendants. As a result, the person changes the course of her destiny and starts living HER life.