Biodecoding® is an innovative approach to resolve the emotional and ancestral root cause of illness. It proposes a new way of decoding the symptom based on the biological function of the organ and tissue.  Using a signature methodology, it taps into the cellular unconscious to access past traumas and resolve them at the cellular level.

Biodecoding® was mainly developed by Christian Flèche in the early 90’s in France. Flèche came up with the idea of combining the most effective techniques from various groundbreaking healing modalities in order to offer a practical, coherent and effective healing method which targets the memory of the cells. Biodecoding® integrates in whole or in part the concepts of

  • Dr. Milton Erickson (Hypnosis)
  • John Grinder and Richard Bandler (Neuro-linguistic Programming)
  • Dr Ryke G. Hamer (German New Medicine®),
  • Dr. Anne Ancelin-Schutzenberger (psycho-biogenealogy),
  • Bert Hellinger (Family Constellations)
  • Marc Fréchet (project-purpose of the child, Memorized Biological Cellular Cycles)
  • and few other modalities.

Biodecoding®’s principle is based on the premise that a specific illness (including cancer and other severe conditions) is triggered by a specific unresolved emotional trauma, where the appearance of a specific symptom is a consequential and logical response of survival and adaptation.

The novelty of Biodecoding® is that disease is not considered as a random, illogical, uncontrolled and adverse reaction against the body’s integrity. On the contrary, disorders are approached in a global comprehension of the biological laws of nature which onset is activated when facing unexpected and unmanageable life events.

Biodecoding® is the kind of therapy where, while you expect the consultant to help you find a solution to resolve your health and emotional issues, you will be instrumental in the outcome. Through an active talk and the use of various techniques, the Biodecoding® therapy enables you to identify the events that have caused the emotional conflict connected to your current health condition. The answers are often found through the overview of your personal and ancestors’ history.

This acknowledgement of your family roots and the connection with your life cycles will bring you a better understanding of what led to your actual health challenge. As a result, the resolution of your past trauma will enable you to implement life changes in alignment with your truer self, as well as free you and your lineage from outdated life and family patterns. Consequently, the process unlocks the body’s self-healing capacity, which will eventually resume normal functioning naturally.

The applications of Biodecoding® are not confined to healing; it is also an amazing preventive and self-empowerment tool. You can actively prevent the manifestation of future health conditions by resolving your current life and emotional challenges today. As you educate yourself about the real cause of disease as serious as cancer, you eventually become able to stop fearing disease, trust your body at 100% and gain total independence over your health. Don’t wait for your body to talk; start talking now and change yourself before your body does!