Symptom bio-decoding

This type of session is addressed to anyone dealing with a physical symptom who wants to identify and resolve the underlying emotional and ancestral origin of his current health condition. The answers are often found through the overview of your personal life and ancestors’ history using mainly the Biodecoding® method to access the cellular subconscious.

The resolution of past traumas enables the body to unlock its self-healing capacity to recover its optimal functioning. This process activates deep inner transformation which allows you to access repressed potentials and thus create life changes that will free yourself and your lineage from outdated life and family patterns. Beyond physical adjustments, a self-actualization takes place which enables you to move on to the next level of your personal evolution and open up to new life possibilities.


Symptoms that can be addressed

  • Recurrent and chronic conditions, degenerative diseases…
  • Any type of: cancer, allergies, immune disorders, skin conditions, joint and muscle pains, digestive issues, headache, chronic fatigue, heart conditions, diabetes, thyroid imbalance, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson, weight issues and more…


Number of sessions needed

Usually 1 to 3 sessions per symptom is enough to resolve the underlying emotional conflicts. Some serious and complex conditions may require more sessions.


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