“Hello Marie, It’s been a few weeks since our last session together and I wanted to keep you in the loop. Last week was the first period I have had in about 3 years without any pain or cramping! From just our one session! It was amazing to experience, I was in awe.

It was so powerful and beautiful working with you on this symptom for me. I am forever grateful to learn from you and work alongside you as a patient myself. I saw my beliefs around my period change in real time. I’m still tingling from the work we did on that.”

  • – Sierra M., USA

Biodecoding of Christian Fleche with Marie Boularand


I heard about Marie and biodecoding from a friend of mine and decided to give it a try. I have been experiencing  chronic ongoing sinus infections pretty much since my childhood and nothing would help to heal them – I tried antibiotics, natural remedies of all possible kinds, over the years.  The only thing I did not try was to work with my emotions. After 2 sessions with Marie 95% of my symptoms that have ALWAYS been there subsided. After the first session I experienced a super strong sinus infection with super high fever which was my body’s reaction to resolving emotional conflicts. After that the symptoms started reversing. I am now in a stage of  finalizing the healing process. 

Another issue that we worked on was recurring headaches. It took one session to see significant difference. I am able to prevent and dissolve the headache when I feel it forming and they “try to”  occur less and less. 

Marie does an amazing work. She is a kind, gentle guide that never imposes anything on you during the session. She goes at your pace and knows to ask just the right questions to help you uncover. Her  knowledge and experience in Biodecoding are evident when you work with her. You trust her immediately.   

I continue to work with Marie on other issues and started introducing her to other members of my family. We are very grateful for her help.

 with Warm Regards”

– Joanna K., USA

Biodecoding of Christian Fleche with Marie Boularand


It’s such a pleasure to get back to you with some news from the session we had a few days ago. I was happy to not know what the session consisted of before I started the process because I stayed in my spontaneity and authenticity. If someone ever asks me what Biodecoding consists of I will keep it vague without revealing the way it is done so that the person can experience it without any expectations.

The results are amazing. The first 24 hours were gentle but on the second day, my left leg started shaking inside often the whole day.  I had horrible cramps which paralyzed my leg for a few seconds and the shaking would start again for a few minutes. I was wondering what this meant. I expected to work on myself psychologically but I got amazed by the physical work it triggered. It’s as if the leg and the knee were freeing themselves from the heavy load accumulated during all those years. At least that’s how I experienced it. So I let the experience be and did not panic. I stayed relaxed.

Today as I was working outside I realized that the pain was gone. I can now stand on my 2 legs fully straight and my 2 knees equally balanced. It was weird to get my balance back in my posture. I could walk with confidence without the fear of falling or hurting myself. I feel solid now. I keep it easy though as my knee is just getting back to normal functioning but I felt so confident today that it’s only a matter of time before I can run and dance again.


– Michelle G., Canada

Biodecoding of Christian Fleche with Marie Boularand


Dear Marie, Since I had the joy to meet you online for 2 sessions and work on the cellular memory, I had spectacular transformations. The transformations have been phenomenal and irreversible. The improvement on my legs (no more infection issues) and mostly on the sole of my feet (which were completely anesthetized) are vertiginous and irrefutable. At the emotional and inner level, the disturbing elements have completely disappeared. I am deeply touched by your professionalism, the quality of your listening, your softness and your infinite radiant journey.”

– Vivianne, Polynesian Islands

Biodecoding of Christian Fleche with Marie Boularand
“Working with Marie on Physical Issues caused incredible emotional healings.
I have had 4 sessions with Marie, via Skype. I didn’t know what to expect with Biodecoding and was a bit skeptical about it all but my illnesses were getting so painful, I had to try something.
I am absolutely amazed at what came out of each session. Layer upon layer of unexpected traumas and emotional wounds came to the surface, not in a bad way, but in a way to heal and release. Marie is incredibly experienced, sensitive and gentle and she has taken me through many journeys which have been so freeing for me. I felt I could trust Marie and now I truly feel like a different person.
The journey continues… I nearly cancelled the last session because I felt fine and was rewarded with yet another opportunity to bring deep love into myself and for myself. 
Thank you Marie. You have helped me come home to myself. What a priceless gift.”
– Anna Maria, UK
Biodecoding of Christian Fleche with Marie Boularand
Marie, you bring a wonderful mix to training: your extensive knowledge is obvious plus your warmth, your openness, your genuine desire to help and serve others is apparent in all you do. I cannot thank you enough for your love and courage in bringing this work to the US. This knowledge is everything we’ve talked about, and everything I’d hope for – SO MANY ANSWERS – and it’s only the beginning. It is the “missing” link for all the work I do, both on myself and others. I know I can revolutionize my life by using this work, then hopefully be even more effective in working with others. I absolutely recommend this seminar to those who really want to understand and resolve their issues and help others to do the same. With Love and gratitude.
– Jan H. , Corporate leadership trainer – York, PA.
Biodecoding of Christian Fleche with Marie Boularand
“This short message to tell you that I am doing much better. At the time I am writing you, I can say that I don’t feel ill at all anymore (I touch wood), in my body and my mind. Most of the physical symptoms have disappeared at the big surprise of my doctor who told me that maybe it was not what he thought it was (Multiple Sclerosis) and I really feel that I can move on with my life again – as it was THE problem. […] If something important happens again in my life, be certain that I will contact you.”
– Marie-Therese B., France
Biodecoding of Christian Fleche with Marie Boularand
“After my first session, I’ve had significant understanding and changes in my body. It is MUCH easier to get up from a chair and out of the bed without pain and discomfort. I walk MUCH easier and more balanced. Thank you for your talent with this work and your attention and compassion during the process. It was a VERY important experience for me.”
– Jess L., Miami, FL
Biodecoding of Christian Fleche with Marie Boularand
“It is a great pleasure to share my experience that I had with Marie as it worked wonderfully for me. I was 34 years old when I went to visit Marie at her office. I was struggling again with anorexia for almost a year. Signs started 2 months after the departure of my husband who was relocated in South Africa for his job. It took me just one session to understand what was happening in my life. […] This allowed me to be more peaceful with myself and make a decision on my choices of life. I know that I needed to work more on the emotional level but at this time it was a big step for me. Marie also helped me with my diet, lifestyle and some food supplements which really helped me to reshape my body and … my mind. Again, thank you very much.”
– Caroline Herbert, France
Biodecoding of Christian Fleche with Marie Boularand
“Marie, thank you for sharing such important information, I’ve been telling all my friends how fascinating was your course. I want to know so much more. […] Your presentation was great, your knowledge of the material was evident in the way you answered questions, you are very intuitive, I thoroughly enjoyed the course. Thank you again, and may you reap all the blessings you give to others and more. Love.”
– Veronica, Orlando, FL
Biodecoding of Christian Fleche with Marie Boularand