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Anxiety : Have You Thought About Ancestral Memory?

By Marie Boularand.

When lock-downs got mandated in NY, Simon developed a severe form of anxiety and panic attacks. Even though Simon is a pretty tough guy who is not easily fazed, after just a few days confined in his tiny NY apartment, he lost it. His girlfriend who was familiar with Biodecoding, suggested he do a session to figure out what was going on.

Usually when a person deals with sudden and acute physical or emotional symptoms, it’s a sign that some ancestral memory got activated. Simon’s experience confirmed this hypothesis. When we explored his family history we found out that his grand father was a prison guard. At some point, a mutiny took place among the prisoners and his grandfather got abducted by the dominant gang and locked in a small cell. He thought that he would be killed or severely wounded.  

Surprisingly, he survived and got out of the situation safe and sound but the impact of the trauma remained deeply imprinted within him. And this is this memory that got passed on and activated in Simon’s body when he was forced to stay locked in his tiny New-York apartment. After the session, he felt much more serene about the lock-down situation. That’s not to say that he fully enjoyed the restrictive measures, but at least he did not suffer anxiety and panic attacks anymore. It became clear that his excessive reaction belonged to his ancestor, not to him.

Our ancestral memories impact our daily life regularly and sometimes last our entire life. But how do we recognize those memories and free ourselves from them so that we can reclaim our destiny?


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