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By Marie Boularand .

It’s been a while I have not taken the time to write a post. It’s been an extremely busy year with the set up of the full Biodecoding Training online. Now things are settling a bit for me and with the turn the world is taking, it’s time that I come back in the arena of informing beyond the spectrum of healing and therapy. As you know everything is intertwined, our health greatly depends on the political, financial, emotional and spiritual developments.

So today I’d like to pass on a great documentary that is circulating right now on Rumble: MONOPOLY: WHO OWNS THE WORLD by Tim Gielen.

It may look gloomy at first sight but awareness of our prison’s blueprint will make it easier for us to get out. We don’t need much, just will! They made money their god and ultimate weapon of domination, then we can dismantle the money-god with a sweep of a hand.

The adage that our power resides in our buying power is truer than ever. They depend desperately on our consumerism and fear. So what stops us from buying differently with the consciousness of where we put every cent and penny? It’s fear.

So the second step is to get out fear: fear of lacking, fear of getting sick, fear of getting old and impotent, fear of being alone, fear of being ridiculed, fear of being poor, of not having a job, and so on. As someone told me one day, fear is like a mirage; as you’re getting closer to your fear, it disappears before your eyes and you realize it never existed, it was just an illusion, a construct of your mind.