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Decoding Genetic Diseases

This is a 3-part video series where Christian Flèche explains how he approaches them from a Biodecoding standpoint.

Part 1 – Genetic diseases

How does Biodecoding approach genetic diseases?
Are genes the cause of disease or the consequence?
When does our life really start?
Can our genetic code change and be re-organized?

In light of recent scientific discoveries, Christian Flèche brings some answers on the subject and illustrates with real case studies of a genetic disease called daltonism (color blindness).

Part 2 – Therapy and genetic mutations

Does therapy change our genetic programs? Supported by numerous researchers, Christian Flèche synthesizes some theories rarely exposed in the mainstream. Does the environment influence our genes and what kind of environment are we talking about?

Part 3 – Genetic cancer

How does Biodecoding approach genetic cancer and other genetic diseases? Before answering the question Christian Flèche explains the difference between active genetics and passive genetics. This video brings about new elements to understand why genetic diseases are not an inescapable fatality and why they have the potential to reverse their course.