Biodecoding of Christian Fleche with Marie Boularand
Biodecoding, Cancer & Natural Cures

Cancer: a Survival Solution

By Marie Boularand.

How can cancer be a survival solution when the scenario described by doctors and patients seems to show the opposite? If I can summarize it, cancer is usually described as a nasty cell that became an uncontrollable monster straight from a scary movie – it catches you, takes possession of your body and destroys you more or less slowly in an atrocious manner. An invisible Freddy Krueger! And yes, the reality is that many people die from it in often terrible conditions. To add more to this already lugubrious picture, the statistics regarding survival chance for cancer look also terrifying – if we still believe in statistics.


A light in the dark

As a natural health practitioner for over 19 years, I have always heard during the course of the various trainings I completed that nature was intelligent and logical. Everything I have learned so far on the functioning of the body and how to treat it naturally was logical – that’s obviously how the body works in the first place. This belief is nowadays widely acknowledged within the alternative arena. But yet, a question remained in the back of my mind for many years: when it comes to cancer, how come suddenly everything becomes totally irrational and out of control? Nature’s intelligence suddenly fades away, how is it possible? The answer to that question was always the same: cancer is a phenomenon that does not follow the laws of nature, it is a mystery! I accepted this theory for many years, fearing cancer like the devil. And my job during my first years of practice was mainly to do anything I knew to avoid cancer for myself and my clients. After all, that’s the unsaid but evident reason why people visit a health practitioner in the first place – to avoid dealing with the big scary monster at some point in their lives. We all want to die old and healthy but not in a horrible manner!

Finally a rational explanation about the origin of cancer came into my life in 1999 through Biodecoding®. I discovered that cancer was a perfectly normal intelligent and controlled phenomenon of nature. A light in the dark suddenly lit up in my reality.  Although I didn’t understand all the implications of this affirmation at the time, just hearing this statement strongly resonated with me: “It could not be otherwise”. Without thinking any further, I enrolled in the training to learn more about what will change forever my perception regarding cancer and disease in general – they don’t come to kill us, on the contrary they come to save us! Let me explain…


The life program

By observing the way nature works, the way my own body and others’ bodies function, I realized that it takes a lot for this body to be destroyed. You can poison the body in many ways on a daily basis through food, water, air and so forth, use the worst poisons that can possibly exist on earth and still, somehow the body manages to stay alive. It’s incredible! You give chemotherapy to a cancer patient, and he survives it despite that some experiments demonstrated that giving the same chemical cocktail to a healthy person makes him sick like hell and eventually makes him die! There is obviously a force of nature that relentlessly persists to stay alive, to keep this body alive. This body, these cells want to live no matter what. Over the years, I have learned and experienced with my own physical challenges that in fact, the only program that life runs is LIFE! At the origin of life, at the cellular level, in the hard drive of our bio-computer, there is no death program whatsoever, only life program. That’s our cellular reality in the first place, and the brain, the CEO of our body, applies this program dutifully 24/7.

Acknowledging this fact, then it makes perfect sense that every physiological and cellular manifestations that our body expresses follows the Life program, the survival program, because all this body wants is to live. Not sure about it? If you inadvertently touch the hot plate of a stove, you automatically remove your hand without even thinking. That’s right. All our spontaneous reactions and behaviors are always executed in the name of survival, to protect ourselves from dying or damaging our body. That’s the intelligence of the cells, the biology. When the mind interferes in the functioning of our cells, that’s another story though, that’s why today I just want to focus on the intelligence of the cells, the mind of the cells, as the author Satprem puts it.

How does it work?

Let’s go back to cancer. How can it be a survival solution, in other words, how can it be that the purpose of cancer is to keep us alive? Dr Ryke Geerd Hamer through his German New Medicine® brings a groundbreaking explanation on how it works. When facing a sudden unmanageable and stressful situation where we are unable to find a practical solution to resolve it, the brain takes charge in finding a biological solution for us, within our own body. Let’s illustrate with an example: if a person faces a situation where he is experiencing a fear of eminent death – let’s take the example of a man who learns that he has a liver cancer. Just the word cancer itself is for most people in western countries synonymous of potential death. Since the brain cannot act on external factors (people, environment, etc.) but only on the body itself, it will find a solution to the conflict by activating the organ that carries the biological solution to the psycho-emotional conflict. In our case, the notion of life and death is expressed in nature in terms of breathing or not breathing, being able to catch oxygen or not. At the moment of the shock (news of the cancer diagnosis), the brain will send a message to the part of the lungs specialized in bringing oxygen to the blood –  the alveoli – and will give the order for these cells to multiply. A cell proliferation begins, meaning a tumor in the lungs start developing, which will be later diagnosed by doctors as a metastasis of the liver cancer (we’ll develop on the metastasis theory in another blog). More cells able to bring oxygen to the blood , better chance to survive – logical no? You understand well: the lung tumors in this case are here to increase our breathing capacity. We are far from “they are here to kill me!”.


What is useless is destroyed

The cell proliferation will continue its progression as long as the person remains in the fear of eminent death, in other words, as long as the person does not resolve his conflict of fear of imminent death. Now, let’s say that the person after a few weeks is proclaimed cancer free and the fear of death disappears. There is a law in nature that says that “what is useless is destroyed” because nature always works on using the least amount of energy possible. It’s like you, why would you keep 3 cars when what you really need is one. It costs a lot to maintain the extra ones. The same in nature, it takes energy to maintain extra cells. So once the conflict is resolved, the body automatically readjusts to reach again its normal quota of cells. In the case we chose, the extra lung cells will be spontaneously destroyed or neutralized (encapsulation) without the need of any external intervention.


Nature takes care of itself

To conclude on this introduction to the origin and spontaneous healing ability of cancer, you now understand that there is an unwavering intelligence behind it – cancer does not develop randomly, uncontrollably. It needs an emotional shock, an event perceived as life-threatening by the mind, often at the subconscious level in order for the cells to change their normal functioning. And, when the survival distress ends, the body automatically resumes its normal functioning. In theory we should not need any human, plant, mineral, energetic or chemical intervention. This is the genius behind the discoveries of Dr Hamer, who came up with a precise scientific system that demonstrates how the psyche-brain-organ connection works.

In the era of “the cause of cancer is unknown” after billions of dollars spent yearly on research for the past 30 years, Dr Hamer has deciphered the mystery of the origin of cancer and its natural healing ability, 30 years ago! It is time to acknowledge it and put an end to the scary cancer machine. This is not because of an acidic body, a fungus/virus, a wrong diet, wrong genes, or a lack of vitamin X – it goes beyond all of this. Dr Hamer’s findings stem from the understanding of the plant, animal and human evolution, and bring the missing piece that connects the dots in ALL medicines.

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